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Road freight forwarding

International freight on door-to-door term necessarily includes inland trucking – delivery of goods by road from the Consignor to the departure terminal and/or from the arrival terminal to the Consignee by the Forwarder and at the expense of the Customer.

The ATA International has a fleet of vehicles with different carrying capacity and experienced drivers-forwarders.

Our company offers delivery of export cargo from a customer’s warehouse, i.e. “from the door”, to the cargo terminal of the departure airport (Moscow - Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo airports, Saint Petersburg - Pulkovo airport, Novosibirsk - Tolmachevo International Airport and other major airports accross Russia). If goods are delivered on a D2D basis, we also arrange delivery from the airport of arrival to the warehouse in the country of destination.

Dealing with importing, ATA International provides inland forwarding in the country of departure – from the consignor’s warehouse to the airport of departure. After customs clearance in Russia, we also offer delivery by road from the airport of arrival to the warehouse of the consignee. In addition, we are ready to organize transportation of “uncleared” cargo under customs control, if required by the customs.

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