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International air freight

High speed, reliability and wide geography of deliveries are top priorities in international transportation. Choosing air transport, you can be sure that your shipment will be safely delivered to the chosen destination in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of air freight:

●      Fast;

●      Reliable;

●      Global;

●      Simple;

●      Easy to track.

Cross-border and cross-continental air communications are especially crucial for the delivery of expensive, valuable, perishable, dangerous and vulnerable cargo that requires special transport conditions, and for urgent general cargo. Air freight is the safest type of delivery in terms of risks of loss or damage to cargo.

The ATA International provides a full range of services in international air freight:

  • analyzing customer requirements, opportunities of transport infrastructure, customs requirements;

  • studying the route, preparing the best transportation plan;

  • organizing transportation of  export and import shipments onboard of passenger aircraft and freight carriers of leading international airlines;

  • organizing freight charter flights and multimodal transportation;

  • ensuring terminal processing and transit customs clearance at international airports;

  • arranging international air freight for special cargo categories (heavy, oversized, dangerous, valuable, perishable, etc.);

  • e-booking available capacities;

  • drawing up shipping documents;

  • tracking cargo, providing data on its actual location;

  • calculating costs and billing foreign consignors/consignees (USD, EUR, CHF);

  • AAR insurance of international air freight;

  • extra services related to cargo preparation for air freight (road freight forwarding, packaging, marking, handling, etc.)

We provide insights into all details of cross-border air freight for our customers, help prepare cargo and documents, organize transport and logistics process meeting your needs and requirements of your foreign partner.

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