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Cargo insurance

The process of cargo transportation always involves certain risks. With international air transport, cargo covers thousands of kilometers by air and is subject to repeated unloading/loading, handling and transportation by overland services at airports of departure, destination and transit. Planning air transportation, one should bear in mind that cargo can be completely or partially lost or damaged in transit, and insure it “against all risks”. This is critical for international air freight of valuable and expensive goods, since, according to the international and Russian laws, carriers’ liability is limited and does not always cover the full cost of lost/damaged cargo.

The ATA International provides insurance services on convenient terms for customers. The insurance contract can be concluded both for one-time and several transportations carried out regularly during a certain period (month, year). In the latter case, several freights can be insured at once, for example, once a month, which considerably streamlines workflow.

For many years, we have been cooperating with reliable and trusted insurers that meet contractual obligations. The insurance rate is 0.14%.

If necessary, we can provide an international certificate of insurance in English.

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