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Air freight to Russia

Organizing air freight of imports is one of the priority areas of ATA International. Over 10 years, we have been assisting Russian companies in importing goods for sale on the domestic market, components for the manufacture and repair of various equipment, medical reagents and implants, equipment, aircraft spare parts and much more. 

Fast and reliable delivery of imports to Russia is the key to success of a foreign trade transaction. Concluding a contract with a foreign supplier under certain Incoterms, you choose whether to delegate the transport component to the consignor or deal with this issue yourself. The second option has some advantages: you outsource transportation to our company, i.e. the forwarder, who, under international treaties and laws of the Russian Federation, assumes liability for the timely delivery and integrity of cargo along the entire route. Forget about bothering your supplier/consignor with questions about the actual location of cargo and shipping documents – we provide this information online. This enables you to quickly change shipping documents, choose the route and fully control the transportation process, so that the delivery to Russia and customs clearance are as quick and smooth as possible.

Today, the most popular exporters to Russia are China, South Korea, European countries, the USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia.

The strong long-term partnerships with global leading cargo agents enable us to carry out air freight from almost any country or region with international air communication. Direct links with Russia are not necessary: we will develop an individual route via a third country and, if required, with several different airlines.

We are ready to offer any extra service in the country of departure to ensure quick and smooth transportation of imported cargo:

freight forwarding from a consignor’s warehouse to the airport of departure;
export customs clearance;
consolidation of several consignments with further freight under one air waybill;
warehousing services: cargo packaging and marking, loading and unloading, storage;
preparation and execution of shipping and support documents;
cargo insurance;
contract holder’s service with regular dispatch at the request of customers.

The ATA International is always committed to customer requirements and international quality and safety standards.

Core destinations of import freight:

Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia:

China - Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Jiamen, Jinan

Taiwan - Taipei, Kaohsiung

Hong Kong

Thailand - Bangkok, Phuket

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Philippines - Manila

New Zealand - Auckland


South Korea - Seoul (Incheon), Busan

Japan - Tokyo (Narita)


Netherlands - Amsterdam, Eindhoven

Belgium - Brussels, Antwerp

Czech Republic - Prague

Spain - Barcelona, Madrid

Germany - Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Wiesbaden

Italy - Milan, Rome, Verona

United Kingdom - London, Manchester, Chester, Derby

Switzerland - Zurich

USA: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Arlington

Canada: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

United Arab Emirates: Dubai

South Africa: Johannesburg

Australia: Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Beresfield


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