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Air load devices

For convenient placement and fastening of cargo in cargo compartments of aircraft, special containers and pallets are used. Their number and configuration on board is determined by the carrier, based on the security requirements for a particular type of aircraft. 

The standard height of the load on the pallet when loaded into wide-body passenger aircraft is 163 cm, in cargo airplanes it can be up to 300 cm. 

See below the characteristics of the most common air containers and pallets of general purpose.


AKH container (LD3-46W)

Max. gross weight - 1154 kg
Volume - 3,6 m3
Aircrafts: А319, 320, 321


PKC pallet (LD3-46P)

Max. gross weight - 1154 kg
Volume - 2,5-3,6 m3 
Aircrafts: А319, 320, 321

AKE 2.png

AKE container (LD3)

Max. gross weight  - 1225 kg 
Volume - 4,5 m3
Aircrafts:  A300, A310, A330, A340,  747, 767, 777, DC-10, MD-11, IL9


DPE container (LD2)

Max. gross weight  - 1224 kg 
Volume - 3,4 m3
Aircrafts:  B747, B767, B777, B787


AKC container (LD1)

Max. gross weight  - 1588 kg 
Volume - 4,90 m3 
Aircrafts:  B747, B767, B777, MD-11


FLA pallet (P9P)

Max. gross weight  - 3175 kg
Volume - 7,0 m3 
Aircrafts:  A330, IL9, 747, 777, 787; 707F, 727F, 737F


PAG pallet (P1P)

Gross weight - 4626 kg
Volume - 10,8 m3 
Aircrafts:  A333, A332, B747,  B767, B777, DC-10

PMC 2.png

PMC pallet (P6P)

Gross weight - 5035 kg
Volume - 11,5 m3 
Aircrafts:  A330, B747, 767, 777, 787, DC-10, MD-11 

Cargo parameters for manual loading in aircraft

The maximum permissible package sizes for manual loading (for “bulk” cargo, for example) are calculated according to special tables for each type of aircraft.

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 707

Boeing 727-100

Boeing 727-200

Boeing 737-100

Boeing 737-200

Airbus 319

Airbus 320, 321

Airbus 310

Airbus 330-200

Airbus 330-300

Airbus 340-200

The maximum permissible weight of one package for manual loading is 80-250 kg, depending on the technical equipment of the cargo terminal and the requirements of the air carrier. The cargo terminal of Novosibirsk International Airport requires the availability of hooks and handles on heavy cargo (over 80 kg) for manual processing.

IMPORTANT! The information in this section is of general nature and for preliminary review. The designed capacity of carrying cargo, whose parameters are close to the maximum permissible values, must be agreed with the airline individually.